Editing your blog posts

Good clear writing, that follows the standard rules of grammar and uses correct punctuation and spelling, is just as important in blog posts as it is anywhere else. That’s why editing your posts is critical.

We all edit as we write but a final edit is important. I find it easier to do the final edit once the post is published rather than trying to do it in the cramped editing screen in the wordpress dashboard. So after I complete my post I open two browser windows. In the first I have my newly completed, and published blog post, in the other window I open the blog dashboard and go back to the post’s edit screen. As I am reading through the post I can then move between the published post, which provides a cleanly published version that makes picking up mistakes easier, and the edit window in the dashboard where I can immediately make corrections. Once I have finished all the corrections I click update in the dashboard screen and all my changes are saved and a new version of my edited post is published.

Do remember to click “update”, which is on the left hand side of the edit screen, otherwise none of your changes will be saved. It’s also a good idea to check the published post to make sure all of the changes have gone through.


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